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Streamline your operations with Baselayer Workflow Automation Solutions. Combining innovative technology with your team’s deep financial knowledge, we craft systems designed for optimal onboarding efficiency and robust compliance.

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Enhanced Workflow Processes

Increase conversion, efficiency and accuracy by replacing manual processes and minimizing human error.

Onboarding Prefill

Onboarding Prefill

Elevate the SMB customer experience with our Onboarding Prefill, automatically populating details for millions of SMB customers, while vetting them for Fraud, KYB, and Risk.

  • Dramatically increase conversion by over to 2X
  • Prefill 10-15 application fields with only 3 inputs
  • Reduce application fatigue

Expert-Driven Design

Built with invaluable insights of seasoned compliance professionals like you, our solutions speak compliance fluently.

  • Exception Handling by compliance experts
  • Automated follow-up to increase conversions
  • Real-time AI assisted guidance over phone, text or email

Improved Efficiency & Accuracy

Speed up routine tasks by replacing manual efforts and minimizing human error with Workflow Automation Solutions and scale your business with technology.

  • Replace mundane and monotonous tasks
  • Reduce human errors and improve throughout
  • Scale without compromising on accuracy