Smarter Lending with Baselayer: The Benchmark for Business Risk Insights

Baselayer empowers lenders to minimize risk and streamline decision-making by automating business risk assessment.

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The Baselayer Platform

An SMB Benchmark built for Financial Institutions

Supercharge your growth with our proprietary data and advanced machine learning models. The Baselayer Product Suite is continuously trained with millions of business applications keeping you ahead of evolving fraudsters.


Identify | Fraud

Instant identification of previously known SMB fraudsters for unparalleled financial security.


Verify | KYB

100% verification for streamlined onboarding, same day SOS coverage, and registered agent detection.


Optimize | Risk

Machine-learning optimized, customizable ratings trained on millions of business applications wherever they may be applying.


Oversee | Portfolio

Early warning detection for fraud and client churn, safeguarding your portfolio of clients and increasing CLTV.


Automate | Workflow

With just 3 inputs, prefill 10-15 fields and boost application conversion by over 2X across 35 million businesses in seconds.


Authenticate | Ownership

Instantly verify Beneficial Owners at onboarding with secure login credentials ensuring genuine and verifiable ownership.

Onboarding Solutions

The all-in-one API built for credit risk.

Empower your credit risk, compliance and operations teams to onboard and serve only the best-of-breed businesses that power economic growth.

Asset 1 Identify, Verify, Optimize.

minimum ROI

In year one with Baselayer.


decrease in fraud

As a result of increasing deposits by good SMBs.


saved per year, per analyst

With automatic SMB identity verification.


increase in revenue

As a result of capturing 100% of good small businesses.

Scaling Solutions

Do less work with Baselayer Automation.

With Baselayer’s Portfolio Monitoring, Workflow Automation, and Beneficial Ownership Automation tools, empower your teams to nurture relationships with top customers and minimize losses by effectively managing at risk accounts.


reduction in churn


increase in customer retention


increase in customer LTV ratio

Our Value

Here’s what we bring to the table.

Baselayer offers customizable solutions with seamless integration and predictive analytics — to empower you and your team of risk and compliance officers to strengthen your operations and mitigate risks more efficiently, every day.


Bespoke & Customizable

Dive into our comprehensive suite or customize your toolkit with individual solutions that amplify your existing Fraud, KYB, Risk and Portfolio Monitoring systems.


Fast & Easy Implementation

Jumpstart your journey with the Baselayer Dashboard in mere seconds, or integrate our developer centric API into your own environment. Whichever you choose, our dedicated implementation team is ready to assist, ensuring a smooth integration.

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Built for Risk & Compliance Officers

Enhance your team with powerful technology. With your expertise and our deep understanding of Fraud, KYB, and business risk assessment, we enhance your existing teams with better tools.


Powerful Predictive Models Built In

Leverage Baselayer’s team of ML experts to seamlessly turbocharge your operations with every new business onboarded; you’re the expert, we’re the engine.