Risk Assessment, Redefined.

Sharpen your risk assessment by evaluating a borrower’s industry, liens, legal history, and web presence alongside revenue and transaction projections.

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Risk Assessment, Redefined.
FEATURESYou’re the Expert, We’re the Engine

You’re the Expert, We’re the Engine

Harness Baselayer’s comprehensive API and predictive algorithm to gain a full view into the risk profile of your business.


Authenticate Industry, Verify Integrity

Leverage Baselayer’s proprietary ML technology to thoroughly analyze all available data sources and provide a comprehensive industry evaluation.

  • Identify NAICS, SIC, and MCC Codes with the market’s leading identification algorithm
  • Ensure you are not lending to any businesses operating in high risk industries
  • Minimize reliance on self-reported industries

Liens and Legal History, Uncovered

Get a full picture of a business’s legal history and discover potential red flags for lending.

  • View Liens and lien positions, including UCC-1, UCC-3 & Tax Liens
  • View all Litigations & Judgements associated with a business, including status, parties, and jurisdiction
  • Uncover Bankruptcy history to confirm a business’s financial health

Full Spectrum Web Analysis

Examine every digital facet of a business, from social media to press releases and websites, for a holistic operational perspective.

  • Web Traffic Analysis, including unique visitors and countries of origin
  • Keyword compilation provides a quick snapshot of a business’s activities and media sentiment
  • Status tracking and email deliverability of a website help to flag phony or risky sites

Revenue & Transaction Insights

Traditional transaction analysis reveals past losses, while trending transaction predictions can guide future decisions.

  • Leverage card terminal data from the biggest banks in America to make risk assessments
  • View daily coverage rates and year-over-year trends for rapid insights into revenue performance
  • Avoid businesses with high refund rates