Risk Redefined

Sharpen your risk assessment by evaluating a borrower’s industry, entity type, business tenure, adverse media, financial and legal history, alongside revenue and transaction projections.

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You’re the Expert, We’re the Engine

Equip your team with primary source and proprietary insights into every business in America to help them make the right decision, at the right time – every time.


Automatic Industry Classification

Know the true industry of the business applying for your product – regardless of what they self report.

  • FDIC Risky Industry List
  • Website links for audit trail
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Utilize the most up to date, primary source database of any claim against the assets of any SMB.

  • UCC & Tax Liens
  • Litigations & Judgements
  • Asset Types & Balances
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Transaction Status

Traditional transaction analysis offers hindsight, sometimes revealing past losses. Trending transaction predictions provide foresight, steering your business towards likely future scenarios.

  • Leverage card terminal data from the biggest banks in America to make risk assessments
  • Work with the best businesses, based off their transaction trends
  • Read un-permissioned revenue data to know how the businesses are performing