Get ahead to stay ahead.

Stay proactive by monitoring updates from the Secretary of State and banking or credit applications. Optimize your portfolio using real-time indicators for fraud, churn risk, and credit stacking.

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Automated Portfolio Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of your portfolio gives you real time alerts when important events occur – ensuring your team can proactively protect your business.


Track your businesses, your way

Partner with Baselayer to craft a bespoke monitoring hub perfectly tailored to your requirements.

  • Choose what business data you want to monitor for
  • Tailor your monitoring schedule to track new developments at your preferred intervals
  • Receive alerts according to your risk tolerance

Maximize Profits and Reduce CAC

Customer acquisition is just the start. By nurturing the best connections, businesses can cut costs and ensure sustainable growth.

  • Increase the Life Time Value (LTV) of your best customers
  • Reduce CAC by knowing who and when to target ideal customers
  • Gain an in-depth, comprehensive view of your entire portfolio

Do more with your best customers

Continuously track and get updates on all activities across your portfolio. Receive automated notifications for anomalies or potential indicators of fraud or other risks so you can continue growing with your best customers.

  • Real-time Fraud Monitoring
  • Credit Stacking Alerts
  • Churn Risk Prevention