Trust Through Transparency.

Stay compliant and ensure that you’re only working with fully verified individuals, business officers, and registered agents.

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Trust Through Transparency.

Trustworthy Identity Verification for Seamless Compliance

Stay compliant with Military Search and prevent fraudulent and unauthorized borrowing activities sometimes associated with deceased individuals.

SCRA & MLA Search, Made Easy

Verify military status to determine eligibility for specific protections and benefits under the Military Lending Act (MLA) and Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA).

  • Adjust interest rates for covered individuals and avoid penalties for non-compliance
  • Check for SCRA Active Duty Coverage, Early Indication Coverage, and HERA Coverage
  • DMDC Certificate Download

Safeguard Against Fraud with DMF Checks

Check your borrower against the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File List, ensuring they are eligible and compliant.

  • Providing name and SSN, confirm your client’s birth and death date as documented by the Social Security Administration
  • Deter fraudulent attempts to secure loans using identities of deceased individuals

Liens and Legal Checks on Individuals

Make sure you have a comprehensive view into the legal standing of any individuals you work with.

  • Search an individual’s name to uncover any active legal cases or litigation they’re engaged in
  • Check for open liens against a person