Absolute Identification.

Empower Beneficial Owners (BOs) to verify their identity effortlessly. Providing their login credentials safely and securely, Baselayer Owner Auth Solutions swiftly extracts and confirms essential information, validating the owner is genuine and verifiable.

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Instant Enhanced Due Diligence

Effortless and secure identification of owners’ for enhanced due diligence ensuring the fastest and safest compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.


Beneficial Owner Identification

Say goodbye to manual checks. Owner Auth Solutions instantly identifies and verifies beneficial owners, ensuring transparency and trust in all your relationships.

  • Know your beneficial owners, no guesswork needed
  • Trust through verification: every beneficial owner, every time
  • Assured authenticity with our beneficial owner checks

Instant Article Retrieval

Automatically extract Articles of Incorporation, ensuring your clients’ foundational documents are genuine and up-to-date.

  • Keep your customers in the loop with live chat
  • Embed help articles right on your website
  • Customers never have to leave the page to find an answer

Effortless EIN Confirmation

Streamline your processes by automatically pulling EIN letters, validating businesses with precision and speed.

  • Confirm with confidence
  • EIN validation, redefined for your peace of mind
  • Real-time, all of the time